Crystal Ceiling Lights FXCY096


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If you have a grand entryway featuring a two story vaulted ceiling or a traditional dining room with a table that has been handed down through generations, you have probably thought about how crystal chandeliers would give your room an elegant look while maintaining a traditional style. These gorgeous light fixtures not only look exquisite, the accent drops that hang from the chandelier arms and frame also help reflect the light, making for even greater illumination. FoxSelect selection of crystal chandeliers includes brass, chrome, and bronze metal arms and bases, ideal for coordinating with metal staircases or cabinet pulls on sideboards.

What styles of crystal chandeliers does FoxSelect offer? You can find fixtures that feature a single tier of bubs, along with styles that feature multiple tiers stacked on one another. For rooms with spacious head clearance, consider utilizing a fixture with multiple tiers.
What styles of crystal accents can you find on chandeliers? Normally these fixtures feature traditional tear drop shaped crystals. However, you can also find styles that have pearl crystal beads or thin crystal rods, for an ultra-modern look.
What unique styles of crystal chandeliers does FoxSelect offer? You can find styles that feature a crystal-like enclosed box, instead of crystal accent pieces. FoxSelect also offers crystal chandeliers that integrate a drum shade into the design, for diffused lighting.


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Q: How long does the LED lights last and can the bulbs be changed?
A: LED is a very long lasting type of light. LED's have a general life expectancy of 30,000 to 50,000 hrs. If you use your lights for 10 hours a day, 
   this should be 13.7 yrs hence no need for changing bulbs,however some LED lights do have changeable lights.

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